Hrithik Suzzane Divorce Truth Revealed
Suzzane-Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Suzzane Divorce news weren’t just rumors and fake stories to gain attention. There were reports that Hrithik was attracted towards Babrara during movie shoots. People didn’t pay more attention to it because they assumed it was just for publicity of their upcoming film but now it seems that it was not a rumor . The actor was in treatment in that time is still undergoing treatment in US. Among all this after some time of his split up finally he has opened up and what he has said certainly made his fans cry.




Hrithik, the sensation of Bollywood shocked the entire town on December 13th through an official statement about his marriage. He finally broke his silence and expressed his feelings about the abrupt separation and the end of his happy married life with Suzzane. He quoted that, “Suzzane has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family,  I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time. I do not wish this news to dis-empower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honor it at the highest level. I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health. My treatment is going fine. I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon.




Hrithik fans are disheartened because people looked up to him and his story. His marriage is something people look onto and learn from him. Do these traditional values not exist now? People have started questioning the institution of marriage because it seems now its all about money and glamour. Hrithik probably made the mistake of giving more time to career, over his wife and family. Innocent children will suffer for the rest of their lives.




Suzzane also made an official statement saying,“We are two individuals who respect and care for each other and have made our own individual choices. We are parents to two wonderful kids and our responsibility remains to protect and take care of them. Nothing can change that. Would appreciate if we are given our privacy in such a time. Thank you for your warmth and concern for both of us and the family.”




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