What does your favourite celebrity love to eat ?
Celeb Favourite Food

Lets find out what your favourite Bollywood celebrity dies to eat !

#1 Salman Khan – Biryani

He loves Biryani cooked by his mom Salma with all the spices added adequately. Besides this, he also like kebabs and modak. Salman has a sweet tooth.




#2 Sonam Kapoor – Pav Bhaji
Most of us know that her all-time favorite item is chocolate but she herself confesses that her favorite dish is Pav Bhaji. Besides this she also like Bengali cuisines like Shorshe Ilish and Cholar Daal.


Sonam Kapoor Favourite Food


#3 Bipasha Basu – Bengali Cuisine
She is the only actress who loves food of the region from where she belongs to. She loves rice a lot and accepts that she likes Bengali food a lot.





#4 Katrina Kaif – Ice Cream
Because of the pressure to look good stars have to avoid all fatty food but Katrina Kaif just cant resist Ice creams and Cinnamon rolls. A huge fan indeed.





#5 Hrithik Roshan – Samosas
He is not all worried about being fat and plump. He believes in eating good food that makes the tongue feel good and working out in gym. He can eat at least 12 Samosas in a single sitting.




#6 Priyanka Chopra – Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag
Being a Punjabi, she loves this dish a lot. She eats very less to maintain her figure but she eat her favorite cuisine like a foodie.




#7 Shahid Kapoor – Chinese Cuisine
In our country, our parents believe that food like noodles is very dangerous to out body but Shahid Kapoor is into this kind of food only. He loves Chinese food a lot and says it can’t be dangerous if Chinese (also humans) are eating them their whole life.





#8 Deepika Padukone – Idli
Deepika is maintaining her figure…but the secret behind her sexy slim figure is her eating style and healthy diet. She loves idli a lot which is such a healthy and fat free delicacy.


Deepika Padukone Favourite Food


#9 Anushka Sharma – Chicken Butter Masala
She likes chicken butter masala cooked by her mother. The reason for her glowing skin seems to be this tasty chicken!





#10 Amitabh Bachchan – Bhindi Sabzi
Amitabh Bachchan always believes in simplicity and it does revealed from his day to day activites which also includes his favorite food. He loves bhindi ki sabzi a lot and would eat it at any hour.





#11 Ranbir Kapoor – Jungli Mutton Curry
A Punjabi cannot live without non-veg and so can’t our Punjabi star Ranbir Kapoor. He loves jungali mutton curry a lot and he licks it off his fingers when it is cooked by his granny.


Ranbir Kapoor Favourite Food




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