Celebs who risked their lives

Actors and actresses always go above and beyond the call of duty when filming a movie and there have been countless tales of many a crazy actor risking life and limb for the art of cinema and we think its merely posing in front of the camera! They are ready to do anything for the sake of a scene. Why don’t we ever try finding out what happens behind the scenes and how hard they work to put up what we see for 3 hours and forget! Here is the list of celebs who risked their lives for their films..

Here are bollywood celebrities who have risked their personal health for a perfect shot! I present to you danger, humor and horror intertwined:


Shah Rukh Khan, Happy New Year


During the shooting of the movie Chennai Express the actor had suffered from a shoulder injury and that ddnt let the shoot of the movie Happy new year remain Happy for him but he never let the illness and pain come in his way.  A hotel door got dislocated from the inges and fell on King Khan’s shoulder leading to a fracture and ruptured knee patella. Did we ever even get a hint of it in the movie?




Salman Khan, Wanted


The onscreen fights look so easy  but  the actor was left with some real life battle scars as a sign for his hard work for his role in the movie Wanted. During the stenuous shoot or some stunt sequences he was injured and had to rest! The onlookers witnessed the sweat and pain he was putting in the movie. He deserves to be in the 100 crore club for sure.




Priyanka Chopra, Bajirao Mastani


The Mary Kom actress’ stamina and dedication to her profession has been talked about since ages! She surely is very dedicated to her films and takes every shot sincerely. We have heard praises of her  but during the shoot of Bajirao Mastani she was supposed to deliver a four page long monologue which got better of her and she couldn’t perhaps handle the pressure and which made her faint on the set!




Shahid Kapoor, Mausam


When it came to his father Pankaj Kapoor’s movie shoot even a nasty injury caused due to the Ferris wheel falling behind Shahid in a scene malfunctioning didn’t stop this devoted actor. His sincerity ddnt allow him to quit even after facing a fatal injury. And it doesn’t end there – His back took the fall during the shoot of R… Rajkumar when some chemicals accidentally spilled on him. Hats of to you Shahid!

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