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About Us

  Hi there ! We are 3 + 1 entrepreneurs ( Googled this spelling :P ) working at India's top IT MNC. MNC that is still running on decade old and jumbled codes.
There, we get very bored and wanted some break & founded PopoPics ( funny! isn't it ? )
We've developed this site to learn & explore new technologies and languages like CSS3,HTML5 & jQuery. (Seriously, there is no plan to earn money right now. :P )
We love to design, code, design & code. In extra time we do design & code. In weekends and also in festivals we do design & code. Seriously, we are people with fun,entertainment and Design & Code!

Now let's talk about this so called best wallpaper website !
~Here we have nicely categorized the celebrities and we've tried to list the all the celebrities, still if any one is missing, let us know in feedback.
~ We've provided CROP and DOWNLOAD functionality, what's the rocket science behind this ? You'can manually select the area you want in image and can crop the size you want according to your device.
~ Additionally you can scan the QR Code and download it in mobile instantly ! Isn't is awesome ? No app required, no website need to be opened !
Have too much time ? Start the slideshow of the images in HD and kill the time !
~ SafeSearch ! yeah it's the same as Google Search. It'll filter out the images which has lesser amount of clothes :P Feeling naughty ? you can turn off search filter ;)
~ Facebook covers with Live Preview. Yes this is kinda new kind of thing. You can see the preview here on site before setting on your Facebook profile. Just enter your username and we'll set the rest. Don't worry we can't SPAM unless we've your password !
~ Photocomments are everywhere in Facebook ! We're just collecting and categorizing it ! We'll be having the largest collection of it. Explore now.